With new listings flying in thick and fast this week, we manage again to be blown away by the breadth of high-end, classic Mid-Century Modernism squirreled away in all pockets of this country. This particular example comes to us from the Perth Mod bastion, Floreat, and what a piece of sophisticated craftsmanship we see before us…….

Designed by our newly discovered idol Raymond Jones  this home begs the question  – where did we go so wrong? This home is 55 years old – why is every large home not built according to similar dynamic yet practical philosophies these days? How can it be that such groundbreaking theory made manifest, is still groundbreaking half a century later? We should have surpassed this now. But no, all we can do is drool at the sheer spatial and material delight of what has been a functioning masterpiece for decades. And we’re not even going to start in on such eye-widening features such as that cement relief in the entry foyer, coupled with the timber and crazy paving, which only leaves one thing repeating in our ears – Mr Scaramanga, Mr Bond is here to see you……..