A tranquil escape for a solitary being, a well-stocked destination seasonally hosting long weekends of party-going lore, a family home, a lair of quiet seduction….. call this brilliantly understated Modernist house, by living legend Daryl Jackson (whose pre-eminence in his field has only snared him an Order of Australia and a honorary Fellowship of The American Institute of Architects among other trinkets), anything just do not call it an opportunity for further development. Yes we get it, it’s in the middle of a painfully aspirational peninsula town. It’s land value is some 6, maybe 7, figures and plenty of philistines do not (yet) understand the value of such well constructed and self-assured design. But pur-lese in this one little case, can we just lay off the ‘development’ line? The mere thought of anyone messing with those limed wood ceilings, immaculate kitchen and split-levels makes us wanna throw up/write a sternly worded letter to the agent and owner.