As we pull ourselves out of the holiday jag, don’t think that we’ve been spending it all languorously flipping through Mid-Century mags beside a kidney-shaped pool, no! We have been hard at work putting together a brand new site with new features and scope for more than we’ve ever had before. And here she is!

There will still be our signature, every-weekday real estate listings of the best, most curious and most endangered MCM homes we uncover across the country, this time with greater search options (by state, date or architect etc) and an archive of all our old ones as far as we can go (this may take a while- patience is a virtue). We’ll also introduce our ‘Desperately Seeking Modern’ section for potential home buyers and like-minded sellers to find each other, ensuring that the right residences fall into the hands of the most deserved of new owners. Rentals will finally get a serious look in with their own page, so anyone with a retro beach shack to jaw-dropping Mod honeytrap for hire – we’d love to hear from you. Not to mention a much clearer features section and plans to draw up the ultimate MCM architect list, building and restoration advice area, readers homes section, a marketplace for MCM homewares and furniture………… the high ambitions are starting to rumble.

So stay aboard, find a banana lounge and sundowner and enjoy 2015 on the good ship Modernist Australia as we attempt to get serious. Anchors away!