As part of Penrith Regional Gallery’s annual exploration of Modernism and in honour of it’s foundation in MCM ethos via the bequest of artists Gerald and Margo Lewers, we all have the pleasure of accessing the most comprehensive survey and display of MCM seating design credited to this country, right now. The curators of “Take a Seat, Australian Modernist Seating” (22.11.14 – 22.02.15) have put together an exhaustive group of classic furniture and 2D artworks with a collector’s veritable hit list of all the known and not so known greats: Featherston, Lowen/FLER/Tessa, Meadmore, Snelling, Parker, Hall Best and Ward. If unable to get there in person we highly recommend a peruse over the catalogue – insightful, far-reaching yet oh so easy for those always interested in this particular strain of Australian Modernism but unsure where to start.