Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Get out! I’M BREATHING TOO FAST. Where do we begin? Is it the subtle yet classic Modern roofline and restrained palette of pastel hues, slate, glazing and natural timber? Is it the banks of windows, including clearstory, capturing the northern sun and creating light and lofty living spaces all year round?  Is it its informal yet elegant presence placed within a gorgeous bushland nook  – the very essence of a great Australian Modernism. What we do know is that its a stunner to be realised through subtle fixing and refreshing and already so apparent as any base imagination could see how breathtaking it will be. Without fanfare, without fancy extras or excessive size or expensive materials, heck without even a serviceable kitchen – this one is gonna blow socks off, and rightly so.

ps – looks like someone just discovered tilt shift!


We have received a lovely email from the son of the architect who we have been advised was Ian Patrick. Vaughn Patrick, prompted by our listing and subsequent Domain article, went looking in a folder of drawings in his possession discovering;

“six design drawings for the Hunters Hill property, four on butter paper and one showing water colour elevations and sections.”

Wow! He has since contacted the agent to advise of this adding another layer of insider narrative to an already beautifully intimate home. (lets just hope against hope that this home falls into the hand which will appreciate this!)