A mysterious offering from WA today, from our 2014 poster boy Raymond Jones; see this magnificent creation we listed last year. This residence is smaller in scope, budget and perhaps an earlier incarnation of what his work would soon become, although the illogical photos by the agent help us none in deciphering the finer nuances of this home (does that red velvet chair hold some clue to a Lynchian dreamstate narrative we are yet to unravel?). That said you can catch some glimpses of craftmanship, material and light and perhaps this home is also protected from nasty renovations *cough*ruination*cough*, though again that is left open ended by those who do know (Level 3 Category on the heritage register – anyone?). Let us then just reflect on the architects wiki reported thoughts on the present state of Western Australian architecture and leave it at that.

“Jones is not impressed by a lot of modern architecture in Perth, saying he’s depressed by the “proliferation of ugliness”. “We are just not going forward at all, we are going backward”. He blames Perth’s ugly, impractical and unsustainable modern McMansions on the laziness and expediency of politicians, city planners and mass-marketed project homes. Mr Jones says he is a crusader for sensible, environmentally aware design.

Right on Mr Jones.