The breathless exclamations have been ricocheting across the Modernist Australian terrain this week with the arrival of this MCM marvel on the market. An early work (c.1959) by Australian Modernist architect Stan Symonds, known for his obsession with circular forms and the living spaces they create, his career was exemplified by remarkable, habitable sculptures such as this. Displaying a unique organic exploration of modern architectural theory and forays into experimental construction, this residence prompts comparisons with the work of the most famous of international heavyweights, specifically John Lautner. The employment of stone and bespoke windows are on their own truly breathtaking, never mind the triangular lighting and rounded cement work balconies – such a rare and fantastical treat! Being perched within the lush hills of Sydney, enveloped by ferns and palms (oh that poolside!) only furthers this home’s Hollywood-esq, fairyland aura. Our only qualm is some of the ‘updated’ interior cabinetry and treatments – however happily it’s looks like these would be easily replaced and/or returned to more original surfaces and, once restored, would make this house one of the most unique and desirable Modernist homes in the entire country.