We kicked off the year with the discovery of a gumtree post, a piece of uncommon real estate being flogged on a very common trading site which set Mid-Century aficionados across the country just a little crazy. Who sells such legacy architecture that way? Who owns it? Why are the selling it? What’s the story? Within 24 hours there was a litany of speculative posts online, the gumtree ad was pulled, architect’s flame-keepers weighed in as well as the owner’s estate, a subsequently disputed newspaper article set the spin as old, cold, not worth it and then….silence.

Michael Nicholson Photography

Well, MA very proudly have the latest scoop in the saga and we’ll be hitting you with it later this week and just between you, me and that dreamy staircase, we think you’ll love it.

Photos courtesy of Michael Nicholson Photography.


ps. For an interim Seidler fix, check Monday’s  apartment listing.