It’s not everyday we get to see such genius, such history and such clarity of design as what we have before us today. We previously called this legacy architecture and we stand by that for there are only so many 60 year old houses remaining in Australia which can hold their own (and then some) against the best international Modernist design of the Twentieth Century, this certainly qualifies. A 1952 townhouse, created within Harry Seidler’s initial volume of radical homes in his first 5 years here, a mere 2 years after his much lauded ‘Rose Seidler‘. A vision which takes site specific design to a whole new realm of split levels, soaring voids, bridge entryway and use of cantilever. Playing on the idea of ‘spaces for living’ this home challenges the traditional convention of designated rooms which tell us how we are supposed to live; this residence lets us decide, a revolutionary act for it’s time. With practicality of design at the forefront, this show-worthy home maintains true Modernist form by being barely visible from the street. In the same hands since it’s conception and build it now seeks a new custodian and, praise be, after much public and private hither and thither it is being listed with Modern House, the only specialist agency in the country who knows what it has in it’s hands and will leave no stone unturned in attracting a deserving owner to guide it into it’s next phase. This is not your everyday sales pitch.

While it has not been tampered with architecturally, there are maintenance and cosmetic repairs needed. The opportunity exists for a design enthusiast to contemporise a classic early Seidler house. Bathrooms and kitchen could be refitted, along with new ceiling linings, window treatments and lighting. Although built over 60 years ago, it remains a bold yet thoughtful, individual yet adaptable design, that’s still daringly modern and generous by international standards. Penelope Seidler recalls Thurlow House as “a real gem”, and we would encourage its next custodians to connect with the office of Harry Seidler & Associates to help undertake works that maintain its original design integrity..”

Hooray! What started out on an unknown path may very well have a fairytale ending though nothing in this world, and certainly not great MCM architecture these days, is for certain. Rest assured we’ll be keeping tabs for you.