We won’t shy away from the idea that it’s the inner-city cool kids who are cottoning on to Mid-Century Modernist design in ways the perhaps other sectors of the community have not. The retro stores brimming with West German vases, teak sideboards and Eames chairs do a brisk trade within 10 kms of any major Australian CBD. Paradoxically the inner city is not where Mid-Century homes are to be found, over 150 years settled they are a landscape of small miners cottages, retail and warehouses – the only exception perhaps being the 50s- 70s urban renewal public housing blocks. The leafy middle-ring, where the great MCM examples generally lie, are beset on all side by infernal property values and the unavoidable fact that it’s these ‘aspirational’ ‘burbs where the big money lives – the biggest incomes and social progressive hipness generally not historically intersecting in any note-worthy way unfortunately. That is why this beautifully renovated gem will be the focus of many a home hunter. It is a rarity for it’s relatively inner locale, the tide of gentrification just lapping at it’s boundary, and it wouldn’t be a psychological stretch for a couple of creative types (with perhaps a baby Walter, Esther or pug in tow) to see themselves happily enjoying this best nest. Though with a previous example just across the Merri going for over $1 mil (ker-azy!) we’re not quite sure what this one is gonna cost. Big kudos to the owners – they’ve done a bang up job and we think they’ll be handsomely rewarded in any event.

TLDR = a rare and gorgeous retro home in inner city, will attract hipsters with a certain bag of cash.