Yet another much loved home coming on the market with the fortuitous addition of it being architect, John Watts’s own family residence (c.1961). This sunlit stunner maintains a barefoot elegance and dare we say it, an echo of nearby Rose Seidler in the lounge/dining layout. Speaking of the lounge, we are in raptures over the sparse version of brick fireplace and timber shelf dividers (the image already consigned to the ‘dream house’ file), not to mention the kitchen, again promoting design with integrity, driven by the practical requirements of family living and the architectural obligations for air-flow and natural light, rather than the wizz bangery of appliances or the flash of showy materials. As usual it is in danger of being bowled over and a hideous ‘villa’ concerned only with the aforementioned commercial definitions ‘luxury’ and ‘statement’ taking it’s place. Lets hope not, surely it is possible to find one millionaire in Sydney with integrity?