Take a deep breath Modernist Australians as we dive headlong into one magnificent compound which is not merely a privilege to view, but stands as a gloriously intact example of the work from architectural legends old and new.
Built in 1973 for estate agent Solomon Kurtz (and family) it is the work of Holgar & Holgar, the husband and wife architect team much idolised by MCM aficionados for their lavish take on what Modern architecture in its most elaborate residential form can be. Forging another tale from Melbourne’s proud european influx past with Helen Holgar’s life story, from participating in the Polish resistance and Warsaw uprising in 1944 to creating homes like these decades later a veritable Cate Blanchett Oscar vehicle, their domestic resume is an exotic procession of bold white arches (always those sensational arcs – their signature motif inside and out), horizontal planes, detailed brickwork and sweeping entrances. Their interiors eliciting squeals and exclamations not regularly visited when describing Mid-Century architecture of note: opulent, eastern-influenced and wild (once agin we offer the rare advice to check the agent’s video – there so much wow ignored in these photos). Drawing a grin from even the purest Modernist and flat out adoration from their fans, discussion on Holgar and Holgar recently reached fever pitch in the wonderful FB page Victorian Modern, led by architectural consultant extraordinaire Simon Reeves (not just your usual fanboy/girl page people – join today!) who held an almost month long ‘Holgar-palooza’ in August and who, among many other observations, discovered the Blake Edward’s vision of 60’s Hollywood Modernism, truly does rest with our Holgar and Holgar.

Recently it has been refurbished by the local dream team of Kennedy Nolan, who it appears have gone full Liberace, bringing the bazaar and taking it up a notch, which proves a fun versatility and deference for the original architects, as their own work is generally far more natural and understated (in the most lovely possible way of course).

Okay, enough from us time for you to enjoy dear reader and just know that this house is one for the ages. Party on.