We never cease to be awed by what is uncovered by simply looking at real estate listings. Never purporting to be anything other than rank amateurs in the secret world of Australian architectural legacy we nonetheless keenly sense it, trickling just below the surface, only to be fully tapped when a blip rises to our scattered attentions. But hole-y what a blip we have today and what architect have we unearthed for ourselves here? A mid-60s residence, by the mysterious Miles Jakl (oh that name!) in the convivial suburbs of Canberra. Maintaining a distinct richness of craft, materials and scale alining it with southern counterparts in the the MCM playground of Caulfield. The original timber open shelving, exquisite fittings, uncomplicated floorpan, expansive glazing, formal entry and external lines (guaranteed to elicit heart palpitations) all suggest a European émigré sensibility dovetailing with the glorious extravagance and glamour of 1960s ‘entertainers’. But wait, there’s more! For although in a basic search we found very limited information concerning Jakl himself (has he really relocated to LA?) there is one thing he is recalled for – the Red Hill (AKA Carousel) Cafe (c.1964). Check that! Zowee – some suburban date night locale also happens to be (with utmost deference to Grounds’s Shine Dome) the closest thing we have to a Googie/Lautner spaceship in Canberra. Time to start digging further and planning a road trip we say.