A shout out from one MCM owner to Melbourne hunters – please buy our house! From the wonderful words of Bruce over on social page ‘Mid-Century Domestic Architecture Melbourne’ (join today!):

“…..our wonderful house by John F. Tipping ……… is available for purchase by the next curators/custodians…….(we) are fortunate to have had the pleasure of living in and loving this fantastic house. I have woken every morning, looked around and out to terrace and smiled.
We have been reflecting on the years we have lived at 3 Alpha Street, and just the workmanship instilled by Tipping let alone the design is exceptional. We take great pride in leaving a stunning, well maintained house by the Kemms, better and ready for another 50 + years.”

C’mon people, lets guide this one through a deep valley of developer darkness and once more into the light.