Unfortunately using our limited time keeping regular with real estate listings, gives us no chance to revel in our other true Modernist loves, and this is a big one; big and hard – Brutalism. A love that, until recently, dare not speak its name is slowly stepping out of the shadows and being welcomed – be it in one of our all time favourite feeds, ‘Socialist Modernism’ or in the current Brutalism love-in currently playing out in Melbourne. “What’s the beef with Brutalism?”, a succession of talks, doco screenings, tours and concrete ping pong (yeah!) from our good buddies at Open House explores the love and hate of this most polarising of architecture and asks us all – where does its future lie? We’ll be calling in all favours and frocking up for one movie date in particular – “Bunkers, Brutalism & Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry” including a pre-show special guest star Graeme Gunn (squeal!):

“……a BBC FOUR two-part documentary in which Jonathan Meades makes the case for 20th-century concrete Brutalist architecture in homage to a style that he sees as brave, bold and bloody-minded. Tracing its precursors to the once-hated Victorian edifices described as Modern Gothic and before that to the unapologetic baroque visions created by John Vanbrugh, as well as the martial architecture of World War II, Meades celebrates the emergence of the Brutalist spirit in his usual provocative and incisive style. Never pulling his punches, Meades praises a moment in architecture he considers sublime and decries its detractors.”

We suggest all of you who love a bit of concrete to get amongst it this coming month and let your grey flag fly.