Earlier this month the Heritage Victorian saw fit to (finally) add a notable work from a living legend to their heritage list (‘Concrete brick ’60s townhouse wins heritage protection’). Neil Clerehan‘s 1967 South Yarra townhouse in Domain Rd, already an award winner at the time of its build, is recognised for its magical Modernist intent and success of blocking out the rumbling inner city and creating an open plan, light filled oasis within. We Modernist Australians who have wandered past this residence before would have guessed at its hidden interior and spaces, for in terms of ‘giving to the street’ as the great man says: “If you want windows and a nice high roof, it gives f*** all I think would be the term. But it fits in well with the street.” It is this uncompromising facade which is all part of the genius, a mindset which suggests tranquility in a bustling metropolis is a higher objective, than producing a facade obsessed flashpad. It is sensational news to see a succession of these post-1940s dwellings and public buildings getting the recognition and protection they deserve in Victoria. Hit us up with more we say!