Good morning Modernist Australians, being at a crossroads in the future of MA we have done a little thinking and have decided to take a break from the whole shebang for the foreseeable future. (Don’t worry there are no lives or minds in danger, more a desire to not be attached to the internet forever and pursue other things) We’ll be holding onto the site for the time being as there are literally hundreds of listings to browse should you so desire, but we’ll stop posting listings, news and updates. Instagram and twitter will stop as a result.
We’ve been doing this on and off for 8 years and in that time have witnessed a glorious new recognition of the value of local Australian mid-century architecture, although there is of course a seemingly endless parade of older homes in danger. We feel happy that we have contributed in a small way. We’ll continue to privately keep up the pressure and appreciation in equal measure, but are comforted by all the other people and groups out there doing the same.
Should we not return, we’d like to thank a few fellow travellers and supporters of MA:
Martin and Outre Gallery (first and foremost)
Marcus at Modern House (Got a wonderfully pedigree MCM home to sell? He’s your man)
Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross (look out for his new show on the ABC about MCM Australia this year)
Simon Reeves at Built Heritage (The future David Stratton for a yet to be realised MCM show on tellie) also to be heartily enjoyed on his Victorian Modern FB page
Generous keepers of the flame- Steven Coverdale (join his MCM FB page today!), Secret design Studio, Alison Alexander, Annalisa Capurro and the indomitable Polly Seidler. And of course all the people who have sent us lovely emails of encouragement, thanks and houses to post up.
Time to click our ruby slippers and fly home.
Patricia Callan & Pete Bakacs
* Photo – 12A Wattle St 1963, M. Dupain