We’d like to thank the stalwarts over at Beaumaris modern for pointing out this incredible family compound in the heart of their turf. Over 1/2 an acre, a walking block from the beach and, most importantly, a solidly crafted 5 bedroom home of total earthy 70s majesty. True to its time, this home harks to the crunchy vibes of 1960s Sydney School residences (though perhaps with a more conventional design) an aesthetic which was to sweep the nation and with it a real embracing the indigenous environs, our own flora and landscapes, for perhaps the very first time. Stunningly natural and warm with exposed and painted brick, flawless timber ceilings, iron features and tiles of a crafted look and feel we continue to lament is no longer freely available in this country anymore. Round it off with a stone lined pool on gentle sloping grounds adorned with mature trees and you have one very special place. The real task of course is finding anyone in Melbourne with the funds, a desire to maintain this home’s integrity and Bayside living inclinations – an impossibly rare combo of stars to align.