Speaking of homes we could see ourselves in, here is one more. Seemingly a project home design from 1953 (as detailed by Steve Coverdale of Mid-Century Domestic Architecture – see below) with a personal twist transporting us to a pine-scented New England (or is it crafty Californian?) world. Many of you will have thumbed through classically generic  “Plans for your New Home” books generally published mid last century for a white-bread American audience and have been charmed by the timber exteriors, white window framing and slate (AKA flagstone) paving. Here is one such example in the most suburban of suburban Melbourne. Another one to cherish and perhaps renovate but, please not, to destroy.

“‘V327’ – Small Homes Service. Designed by Hocking Warren & Associates for the Small Homes Service circa 1953…….The design did not receive any awards, but was deemed sufficient to be entered into their ever expanding range of service plans.The design appears to have been adapted to this site and minor design modifications made from the original design, likely to suit the exact needs of the original owner and commissioning clients………The original plan was designed to suit a narrow block, with east or west street frontage. The internal arrangement is clearly zoned, with living, wet areas and sleeping zones clearly delineated. The form was realised here in timber cladding, white painted windows with highlight awnings, window wall to the living area, and capped with a ‘broken’ gable ended roof.”