We sit here at MA headquarters, 1000 kms away from the Sirius Building, ruminating on what is to be done. We applaud the ongoing and thankless yakka the SOS team, especially Shaun Carter, are ramping up. They started this. They work the legal angle and take on the matey compromised bureaucracy at every wicked turn, which is the most important prong in the fight. We suggest all of you – people who flip through design books, who aspire to one day own a Featherston chair or Pettit & Sevitt home or who just know what is right and good in this world to immediately put your pennies where your heart is and support them via the crowd funding the legal challenge to save Sirius here.

That said we ponder what else can the rest of us do? The brazen attention seeker in us considers the audience and thinks of showmanship*. The narrative of this fight has been highjacked by adversarial government with their snivelling observation that the saving of this ‘ugly’ building is only the realm of a minuscule set of hipsters and SJWs. They like to proclaim that no-one else will miss it, telling themselves that only a precious few value it. We call bullshit (and a quick cash injection to the crowdfunding above would be the most direct way to drive that message home, just sayin’). We know there is a greater community element to be harnessed here and just as the forests of the Tarkine have national cabal of charismatic ferals shifting in its trees and the CSG plains wars attract pure salt of the earth nans and pops D-locking their necks to gasfields so must we, design/architecture/community peeps, start coming together, acting up and making some noise. Do what we do best – get creative, draw some attention nationally (globally if possible) and ping questions of this government directly into the mind of the masses.

As proud participants of the successful Melbourne SLAM rally we witnessed (in the weeks leading up) just what a witty slogan here and small action there could do, something which any number of careful radio and newspaper interviews could not; freely accuse those guilty, clarify their wrongs, gain wider attention with one fiercely unapologetic  tagline/poster/image after another. So with that in mind let us brainstorm and plant some seeds……

The basics; posters stuck all over/stickers/t-shirts. Perhaps with “Minister Speakman, The price the of everything, the value of nothing”  or “Mark Speakman, Minister of Commercial Property” or “Mark Speakman Member for Packer”  “Speakman, Minister of I just don’t like it” You get the picture………

Events in situ. This is a public building right? And we know Sydney are having a rough time with lock out laws right now so why not kill two birds? Make like 1989 and set up some thumping, underground warehouse *cough* Sirius *cough* parties (with the consultation of SOS/the residents of course). Or a perhaps a speakeasy in one of the apartments. Ain’t nothing like drone images of happy party people, drag queens and DJs getting dragged off those beautiful terraces by uniforms as the ultimate bad look for government which prides itself on its supposed celebration-centic city.

Or maybe a more sedate version, if partying ain’t your style there are plenty of spaces for some ol’ fashioned sit-ins, sleep-ins, poetry-reading ins, moth-ins, jam-ins, paint-ins, birdwatching ins, lecture-ins, dinner party-ins, slot car-ins, scrabble-ins, parkour-ins (or is that outs?)

Speaking of parkour, maybe some abseiling is in order? or rock climbing? death-defying skate tricks or some formation dancing (those terraces again!) or anything else which gets the town looking at Sirius and asking wha?!


Children of Sydney, MA is asking you to call in the ratbags. It is time to start rumbling.

*Disclaimer: no activities of disruption, trespassing, civil disobedience or general silliness have been discussed with nor endorsed by the Save Our Sirius group, nor anyone within.