Time to relay some good, nay brilliant, news stories which have been floating around the traps in the past month or so.

First up, a suburban Melbourne listing we posted early last year, with a depressing resignation that it was not long for the world. Well, it is always grand to proven wrong! The wheels of heritage justice have been slowly turning and here’s where we are (as summarised by Simon Reeves of Built Heritage, who has been a main player in its salvation.) Sincere congratulations and love your work sir!

  1. In 2013 the house was flagged to potentially appear in a “City of Whitehorse Post-War Heritage Study” though at the time is didn’t make the cut due to the mystery of its creator, later discovered to be the family home of architectural draftsman and Lithuanian émigré, Bolius Kunciunas.
  2. Threatened with demolition and replacement with townhouses after a developer purchased it last year (as per our listing) a specific assessment of the residence was commissioned by council (yay!), after much gum-shoeing by Simon Reeves in consultation with Kunciunas’s daughter Ryta, it was confirmed her father was indeed the designer, having been completed in 1962, thereafter the design was submitted into the Age Small Home Service, and became a standard plan #V374. Kunciunas himself completing his own architecture studies at RMIT after this in1964. Here is the citation from Built Heritage.
  3. As a result of all this fancy foot and paperwork this residence has now been officially protected by a heritage overlay, to be enjoyed by a new generation and not bowled over for some lacklustre new development.

Don’t we all love a Scooby-Doo ending?