For the underwhelmed, the fatigued, the spiritless looking for a spark to kick the heart back into gear – clap your sore peepers on this. For any maths-brained seagull it’s a french curve. For any real estate jackal it’s views, land and millions in a sale. For us it’s the ultimate in 1960s, jaw-dropping, party pad potential. Undeniable in orientation and light, its wild contours of brick, glazing and paving declare a boldness hard to locate in many contemporary builds and certainly never (in true 60’s form) with an economic 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom amenity. The mind begins to race with the jobs list required to bring this baby back to full and righteous glory – landscaping, exterior lighting, interiors (maybe taking that tv and split system away is start) though who really knows what inside holds? Let us hope it finds its path through the valley of real estate darkness and emerges on the other side in a year or two, victorious on the front cover of Vogue Living or Habitus as a magnificent blast from the past, reborn into the highlife once more.