It’s finally here, after over a year of waiting and working ourselves into a pitched fever tomorrow, the 8 of November, brings to a head the culmination of so much hard work and lays bare a full dissemination of all that is good and evil in this world. We are speaking of course of comrade in arms and long-time supporter of MA, Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross and his ABC show on Modernism in Australia (election? what election?). Streets of Your Town’‘ (2-part programme starting tomorrow night, 8.30pm ABC tv) should bring nothing but sheer excitement, validation and gleeful eye-candy for all of us already Modernist Australians out there but much more importantly this program may hopefully open the eyes of the uninitiated and unaware masses pushing the ethos of Modern design for living, which soared last century and was then tragically cut down in a tide of money, commercial interests, politics and fashion. Tell your friends, enemies and otherwise. Share, like, repost, follow and get it out there. You need to watch this.