An absolute, undeniable ball-tearer. 1/2 an acre of pure north, and Port Philip Bay, facing terraced garden, with charming decked pool enclosure (including shed cabana) and an all original home – the pure manifestation of summer dreams stretching back 50 years. We can assure you dear reader if we were any way Peninsula inclined, this home would be kept secret from you all as we scrambled to snatch it up – such is its allure, such is its beauty, nostalgia and promise of a well conceived reno and landscaping which sees the past celebrated and the future a golden bounty of funtimes. Someone, anyone, please see this and take it on, for we shall weep if this time next year we find a slab of all-too-common overblown ostentation in its place.

**note the bar, kitchen bathroom images are from an earlier sale in 2010 – we suspect nothing has really changed up internally since then.