This one had quite a lot of fans letting us know about it at the time (thanks peeps- we always need alerts to cover the whole country properly). Now under contract (like you could afford it anyways) this Gold Coast pad of rarified, subject to climate change location is a standout. Part Gilligan’s Island, Don’s Party and Australian Mid-Century art scene (check that Dickerson on the wall, these 45 year owners know what’s what) this residence is one of a dying breed in Australia; a million dollar waterfront home which revels in its location by being lived-in and loved, free of pretension and eschewing the ostentatious flash and dazzle of any new waterfront properties these days. Add some insult to injury as we bet that fabulous sunken living and glorious garden are not long for this world and it will indeed be bowled over and replaced by the afore mentioned modern day overblown mansion. But lets hope not.