Today is one not so much for architecture purists so much as interior and decorative arts aficionados (and really, who’s heart doesn’t skip a little upon spotting a pink bathroom?). So bold and 50-years-to-the-day original as to make each space and room a set for any movie genre of historical flavour. Let’s see…….Perhaps a dinner party satire around that incredible fireplace, with the female commentary reaching acidity peak in the similarly toned kitchen. A teenage matinee horror playing out in the virginal white (with weirdly symbolically red carpeted) bedroom. A political post WW2 contemplation between whiskeys on the bamboo furnished porch. A couple driven melodrama going cuckoo in the adult bedroom (separate beds, post-war pink perfect or presidential striped wallpaper- take your pick!). The options are endless, but in every case most perfectly set dressed. Pick your reel.