We toss the words ‘elegant’ and ‘beautiful’ fairly liberally around these parts, but if any residence we’ve shown lately deserves the description then this is it. A heart-thumping (c.1951?) slice of leafy green in the ye olde Modernist enclave of Wahroona (just around the way from Rose Seidler  and Rippon House) this home of same ownership for 66 years needs a new lover. Word around the traps (thanks Steven Coverdale) is that this home does indeed have a heritage overlay (you know where you can shove your S.T.C.A thanks) but also due to a prior application it may be a little unresolved at council and so the threat of demolition still looms (nooooooooooooo!). We cannot allow this to happen and if people need to have their hand held and be schooled on the desirability of such a residence then of course we’ll do it but really, for this one, we shouldn’t have to.

*PS this home was designed by non-architect Dr David Rich, so there you go!