A story of loss and (possible) redemption today. Picture a perfect little Mid-Century home, a dream home if you will, conceived within the Age Small Homes Service program in1955 Melbourne and designed by no other than the legendary Neil Clerehan. This home was built in Surry Hills, recorded and then left to the landscape, that is until our collective real estate frenzy smashed it into smithereens (it was demolished about 10 years ago). Now consider that there was another home, made with the same plans, round the same time, built in Hampton and thankfully still standing until this very day. Visited by the Clerehan a few years back and in the hands of an appreciative architect for the last decade, its fate is now also hangs in the balance. Though usually not the first to suggest a heritage listing, we at MA think this one is slice of history which not only needs to be saved and lived in, but formally protected as well. We only have so many of these notable project homes left, and this one is truly deserving.