Just what we need this morning (/s); A seemingly enticing, 5 bedroom residence. Likely from original hands, held tight the last 50+ years (reports suggest a deceased estate). The work of quintessential, Queensland Modernist architects Hayes & Scott whom, if anyone saw Rosso’s MCM love letter on The ABC last year, were also responsible for the much adored Jacobi House (c.1957) and what? It is now being sold off by commercial agents, the breed for whom architectural and social integrity only stretches as far as flogging land and ‘development potential’ to investors will allow (read: nada). Is it even zoned ‘commercial’ FFS? Suffice to say there are no interior shots. No floor plan. Only a cursory mention of living in this house, let alone living well by considered design. So here we are once more; a building of possible state significance and built heritage being discarded in favour of yet another plot of insipid, franchise landfill stores and individual offshore account fattening. Unacceptable.

*Thanks to brismod for bringing this one to attention.