The Boyd festival continues and today we see a more familiar residence; ‘Baker House’ (c.1966), perhaps one of the most visited Boyds in the country due to its recent history as party/wedding venue. Like yesterday’s Blott House it’s in a similar situation; it too has been on and off the market for some time and needs a very specific candidate to live and/or use this heritage listed home/s with a full Modernist Australian heart. Indeed, could this landmark be more Australian? Set in the dust and spiked green of the Baccus Marsh bushland this structure of cairn, thatched ceilings, mathematical equality and progressive ideals remains a permanent a retreat from the outside world, whilst fulling embracing our indigenous landscape. A breathtaking Boyd in the bush and whatsmore it’s presently available to rent on air BnB. Sample, try or (maybe) buy. What are you waiting for?