In a week of bona fide rippers behold the finale. A dynamic home which is not only sending the Modernist/dreamhouse crowd into raptures (and deservedly so) but one which has also awakened many of us to the existence of a trailblazing female architect; Suzanne Dance*. Graduating in 1965, Melbourne-based Dance has focused her architectural practice (as all the best do) on not just creating individual residences for clients but also dovetailing this with the wider philosophy of ‘urbanism’ – the consideration of the role of city buildings and planning in creating a rich and healthy community life as wiki states;

“Dance then applied the same concept to Melbourne stating that by 2030 buildings in the inner city should share boundary walls, small courtyards, eliminate lifts and share solar power and the ability to cross ventilate. These changes may provide similar population density to high-rise towers, without the environmental drawbacks.

A visionary we should be listening to and heeding (RIP Fisherman’s Bend).

We could gush for hours about this property on the peninsula (we’ll let the pics do most of the talking this time) but suffice to say for such a home on 3.5 acres, we don’t think 1.9 mil is actually too bad a price. And though we are dismayed by the seemingly painted over concrete block (why oh why?!!), it remains as an awesome standout in this early stage of the year. Now people, let’s away to lotto shop

*For a bit more on Suzanne Dance join up to Victorian Modern on FB, as Simon Reeves has just posted a great little write-up about her life, work and awards.