A rare and absolute stunner popped up in WA last week. A 1965 family residence built for Professor & Mrs M Webb and designed by notable local Lyndsay Waller who (along with architects Jeffrey Howlett and Don Bailey) was responsible for the most celebrated and now protected Modernist building in Perth – Council House which was completed a mere 2 years before Waller undertook this private commission. This is a home which has never changed hands until now and (like the Clerehan copy earlier this week) is also deserving of a heritage gong somewhere or other. Pedigree aside the pure, almost stark dynamism of its countenance belying it’s warm timber interiors, walls of masonry and glass, sun-dappled courtyards and 50 year old trees, must be worth something out west. Even in the land of shiny baubles and status castles, this one must remain amongst it all.