We’d like to make note that this house we list tonight would not be standing without the diligence of architectural historian Simon Reeves. We have celebrated his work before, namely here and here, but this is a new nova-glowing testament to the hard wins our ground commanders achieve for the Modernist Australian landscape. For it is one thing to crow and show house listings on a blog or a Facebook page. It barely burns a calorie to tap out emoticons or a small bit of praise in a comments section, with one eye on the Oscars. But to research; to read endless desiccated words and locate missing, redacted or burnt in the fireplace histories, condense them, making lucid argument for saving such places and then stride into direct conflict where emotions and financial stakes are running high and present that argument? That takes work, skill and a dedication most of us could barely muster.
With what outcome? Well, in this victorious instance, only this incredible, never before sold residence (by architect Charles Weight c.1954) of intrinsic value with heritage protection (despite what the sales pitch suggests herein). A saved house, now valued by a growing audience and destined to become moreso as time marches on. In short, the most elegant spoils of war we could ever lay eyes on.