Be still our hearts. An incredible, natural beauty sits high on this hill. To our unscholarly minds it’s reminiscent of Australian Sydney School forays of the late 60s and 70s, though actually more strongly signposts to us an earlier incarnation of Northern Californian Modernism; confident design, executed in unadorned and clean hewn timber and masonry, set amid towering trees and steep gullies; think of the Brubeck House in Oakland CA (c.1954) or DeMars House in Berkley (c.1950).
This residence in the hills of Adelaide is also the work of no slouch – Australian architectural, heritage and environmental champion Brian Polomka. This is a later domestic commission (c.1980) for the architect whose career spanned residential and commercial projects through the Modernist golden years of the late 1930s to 1980s. A man who championed energy efficient design principals in the mid-50s, fought against the destruction of local historic buildings and the concrete channelling of local creeks and waterways in the 60s, won numerous civic awards and was the Mayor of his patch (Norwood SA) in the 1980s.
Even without all this backstory, this home stands as clear testament to the architect’s philosophies ensuring a timeless, sunlit and stunningly crafted home which is sending us into a spin of whirling desire. Oh yes indeed.

PS – High fives to Jarred and Tom the agents – fellas, what a listing blurb! It’s one of the best we’ve ever seen!