Here we are stuck in a housing market shaped like Tiddalick the frog and yet we find possibly the cheapest house we’ve ever had on MA. Now location, of course, is the reason but here but just look at ourselves in this country – we are so spoilt. For this home is not situated next to a tire dump, on an 8 lane freeway, in a fire, earthquake, tsunami or tornado zone nor is it a falling down wreak – no the reason for the absolute basement level price tag is because it happens to be on our stunning southern island and in the possibly depressed economic regional zone of George Town. Never mind the natural wonder of the Tamar River flowing out to sea in front of your eyes – making for excellent fishing, surfing and swimming. Never mind the fresh salt air, the peace and quiet, the possibilities to work remotely, the olde timey buildings and the annual Steampunk festival (!). No greater compelling evidence to perhaps revaluate why we pay what we do for some homes in this country (and not others) and for what ultimate benefit. Perhaps it’s time for a new breed of pioneer settlers?