Today we have a fortress of a home up for grabs yet again since it was sold last year. A rare, singular and unmolested residence by legend David Godsell (see the great man’s own home in full Design Files* glory here) built for a Mr Salvatore Gandolfo (C.1975). For more info we defer to Steven Coverdale’s review back in Feb 2016, when it was on the market then (you should all join his FB group today too, just sayin’)

“Quite possibly one of the most faithful local applications of Frank Lloyd Wright’s textile block architecture to a domestic setting in Melbourne.
The concrete block constructed five bedroom house, built across two levels encapsulates many interesting ‘Wrightian’ details and fenestrations, along with a long horizontal expression and a connection to it’s rear garden setting.
The form is stacked, with a large dramatic double height space created in the main living room where a beautifully formed fireplace is it’s main feature.”

The particular FLW influence in the constructed design, its materials and horizontal lines, draws only one similarity to the pop-culture mind: Feudal Japan AKA Star Wars. (Starwarsian if you prefer a descriptor we just made up then) Japanese culture being a massive influence on both FLW and George Lucas. So who would like to park their Landspeeder in that carport? The only worrying note is that for all the dynamism and pedigree this building is in no way heritage listed and we know all too well that just like many other suburbs in this country, Toorak is a depressing hub known for destroying million dollar historical homes and constructing in their place vomitous, Neo-Georgian status castles. Let us see if this one can pull through.

*thanks for the little shout out yesterday BTW, Design Files!