Today we present the example of what we dub ‘4M’ : Marvellous Melbourne Migrant Modernism (you could throw Mid-Century in there too if you like). This residence has become a local celebrity in it’s own right thanks to the wonderful attention lavished on it via Design Files some years ago – look it up – their photos are of course far more drool inducingly detailed than the real estate ones here.
So what can we say? This home is a Mid-Century oasis in white and marine, capturing the boldness and attention to craft and design that post war, European Australians were masters of. To wit: a commission for Bogle & Banfield Associates, by Ada and Leon Kagan, a firm which went on to create beloved MCM city landmark and now heritage listed ‘Total House’. Constructed with then innovative suspended concrete slab, with sunroom cabinetry bespoke made by Grant Featherston himself and completed in 1957. And nothing has changed since – down to the wallpaper, tile and the children’s rooms.
We have been contacted by Jack Kagan (son of Ada and Leon) to advise that now time has come to sell this immaculate family home and they seek an new owner to cherish it in the flawless manner which they have for the past 60 years;

“We would like to present this house to people who respect this type of home, so it is respected and purchased by a family that does not pull it down.”

So who here is gonna step up before the developer wolves come circling? Share and then share some more.