A once in a lifetime listing today: a 1957, Roy Grounds started /Robin Boyd completed commission sitting on acreage in the mostly hostile (to MCM) Middle East (of metro Melbourne). Thankfully cloaked in heritage overlay which not only curtails the grand plans of every self-proclaimed wealth creator who’d see such a precious building fall for a bunch of townhouses in a snap, but also may impact even subdividing the land! So who’d like to live in their own Mod fiefdom of forever 50s Melbourne? You could pick berries, sew your own clothes and catch rabbits in your own rural enclave within earshot of Eastlink, all the while slowly restoring this beautifully Boyd/Grounds, feather-light home of glazing, timber and courtyard centred design back from the brink, where former owner (Vid Roads) has been letting it slide for decades.

*The historical photos, plan image and some of the verbal history has been lifted from Steven Coverdale’s post and his FB learned followers, with many thanks.