All aboard! A wild, c.1961 home from the hand of Russian emigre architect Alexandra Sudia has come up in South Australia looking for just the right kind of eccentric (perhaps one with a predilection for captains headwear, gang planks and shuffleboard) to steer it into the sunset. The hidden history of this home and it’s creator has been expanded by Simon Reeves whom, in his trademark wit (and bonus references to Clive Cussler and glorious 70s romp The Poseidon Adventure) leads us down this lesser trod path of Australian Mid-Century architectural past (complete with his sourced historical photos, as reposted here). After reading this, there’s is not much more for us to add. We’d suggest to simply click through those images and ruminate on who you really are for the 31st December 2017 – a Shelly Winters or more Gene Hackman type?