The Bat Signal has rang loud and clear from the west last night (thank you Daisy) alerting us to this precious historical gem which is teetering on the edge. Despite the fact that it is a wonderful 4 bedroom home complete with pool, requiring only the lightest refurb to bring it back to 60s splendour (that pine kitchen joinery simply cannot hold a candle to that incredible vanity unit) and despite claims of being the work of WA’s MCM golden boy Iwan Iwanoff an architect whose work, in even the vacuous market of mining money land, is lauded, protected and in one case even being rebuilt after unintended destruction, this home of less grandiose detail but nonetheless worthy and elegant design is facing the chop. Its on big land. On a corner. In an aspirational suburb. We are worried. Kudos is still afforded to the agent Mark, mate, we can see you are trying here but we worry it still might not be enough. Page this one to all your artisan mates west of the Nullarbor stat!