Still in the country, this time lakeside western district (ooohh Colac has never sounded so posh!). This home represents Australian Mid-Century Modernism more than most; a RVIA Small Homes Service design (the‘T351’) by no other than Neil Clerehan c.1957. We all tend to get a little blasé these days about design elements which are so familiar to us and we fail to recognise just how progressive a floor plan like this would have been back then, especially in dairy town dotted mostly with turn of the century cottages, with outside dunnys and closed off sitting/dining /kitchens running off one central hallway. That beautiful connected living/dining, glazing, bedroom wing and northern orientation to this day holds more consideration for living than many ‘contemporary’ volume built floor plans. But even without all of this critique, what’s not to love? This is a simple, serviceable home in a small town, on a lovely waterfront and going for a song. Is it time to get rural?