After the privilege of seeing Graeme Gunn interviewed last year we have longed for one of his homes to showcase on MA. An architect of such grounded bearing and no-nonsense attitude who, in the often convoluted and self-important posturing of the architecture crowds, remains a humbling breath of fresh air. And throughout his legendary practice this thoroughly Australian personality is evident. Brutally solid structures, nothing extraneous, elemental yet not cold. We’re so lucky to see this particularly incredible home (c.1961) such an intact example of his work, on stunning acreage (those *trees*) which looks to have had not a single head hair touched and we’d dearly hope that’s the way it stays. But above all what we hope is that it stays with us at all – though not a jot of redevelopment sleeze in the sales pitch suggest that maybe this one has a heritage overlay? Surely it must be so?