Like so many things – be they animal, vegetable or mineral – to shower respect and care, to pay attention and appreciate is to have it thrive. To mistreat, to neglect, to devalue the intrinsic good in something is to chase it to a path of demise. So here we find both extremes. The first (and the success in this tale) is an absolute stunner in the hills of Adelaide. The masterful interiors of this home (and the restrained exteriors) which, in totality, slay the ideal of keeping original whilst being contemporarily liveable must be acknowledged and highly praised here. Kudos to all! Even the sales photography, straight out of Inside Out/Habitus/Design Files, underlines the sheer beauty and joy of owning this home. The brick, the tiles, those soaring ceilings, the timber, the cork, even the St George oven – all here, all appreciated, all presented unmolested for maximum beauty. If only all homeowners had such integrity and self-confidence to know what is right and promote their convictions by living example.