Firstly we thank Alistair at Secret Design studio for this discovery. Now, here’s a flight of fancy to get you through the week/today/the morning/this particular 1/2 hr. A regional residence which Secret Design Studio suggested as refuge from the zombie apocalypse, however we have clearly been reading too many Elon Musk tweets and devouring Big Little Lies to imagine a more Bay Area billionaire tech bro sentiment; one more option in that search for a Southern Hemisphere end-of-the-world oasis (with Parkes only 1 hr away! Some primo alien observing right there). There is just too much Californian Pacifica meets Southwest elemental with a glorious Howard Hughes Hollywood eccentricity underscoring this entire place, we can do nothing but gleefully salivate. And we also must proclaim how refreshing it is to see a traditional country NSW spread as backdrop to such outrageous individualism. No button bright farming families and Country Style shearers quarters here, more starlets by the pool, startups in the lounge and sound studios in the basement. Ok ok, we’ll stop projecting now.