A very interesting listing today and one which has been setting local architecture tragics of a particular Melbourne bent into a spin. A 1971, straight out-of-uni-pre-international-fame commission by John Denton (of architectural super triad Denton Corker Marshall – you know them even if you don’t know them and if you don’t know them we highly recommend this little ABC doco on them), this family home in leafy Ringwood (oh those pines!) is a concrete block and timber ceilinged delight. Award winning, heritage listed (though the concrete block on the inside is still at risk of a nasty render job in the wrong hands – just say no, people!) completed with a later extension and pool by Denton. Warm, inviting with a courtyard of dreams, 4 bedrooms, landscaping, nooks, levels and interesting spaces a go-go; this delicious slice of modern history requires a new chapter, with a canny custodian, to thoroughly enjoy these and its 1001 other glorious attributes.

*With thanks to Simon Reeves for the newspaper clipping image