With a bone structure that belongs in the books of Ford Modelling Agency this unassuming, bucolic beauty has renovation potential dripping off every right angle and trickling down those glazed/masonry expanses. If this one was in our ‘hood we’d be on it like white on rice, using that runaway Monstera adorned entry patio as our starting point and transforming the entire spread, room by room, to garden, to pool area into a complete MCM wonderland.

**Update** A wonderful comment of this home was left on our Instagram feed yesterday by newfound fav furniture and steel makers Christensen Jackson. We just love this kind of info of a life well lived;
“The wonderful home of a wonderful man…and my Mum’s neighbour! Alan Jones passed away a couple of months ago at the age of 90. An engineer by trade, he lived and worked in numerous countries across nearly every continent. He was also an avid boat builder, and well into his 80’s, although legally blind, was building a ‘Couta’ boat in his garage……Apart from the pool being home to a substantial frog colony, it is truly a great house…and with the developers wrecking ball knocking, it would be a crying shame to see it go.”