Tonight, our favourite type of communication; a message from the family of an owner who loved and lived in their own, special Modernist paradise for many years, now seeking to turn it over to someone who will immediately identify with and carry on such care. In this case not only an owner with a knowing eye for progressive architectural considerations, but a whole knowledge of the richness and essential wellbeing which emanates from a garden;
“My grandfather was a keen horticulturalist, he published many gardening books and often participated in talk back radio and appeared on television shows. The garden on this property was his pride and joy, and we would love to see both the garden and the home be sold to someone who appreciates it’s heritage, as opposed to a property developer…..The home is in original condition, and has been designed to encompass the beautiful outlook.”

It doesn’t take a genius to pick up that this lovely home and incredible garden was the scene for the life’s work of someone very special. The least we can do now is press it into the heads and hands of someone deserving.