Mis amigos, volvamos a las colinas!…..and behold this bright and brilliant house with all the essential turns from the Australian MCM playbook; built in 1962, from the hand of 1950s, European émigré, turned notable, unsung architect (John Pinter – still practising BTW), single ownership and unchanged for decades (by the Amigo family) and recent(ish) handover to a couple of contemporary architects who knew what they had and set to work reviving and enhancing it, as they describe;

“When we bought the place both the house and garden were quite run down. Over the last 15 years we’ve replaced the super6, attended to essential maintenance, installed a new kitchen and a new basin in the bathroom but otherwise we’ve enjoyed the house just as it is. We’ve gardened instead of extending, which is much more fun! It’s a small sunny house with a big garden (on two blocks).”

And oh that landscaping!
With a history like that, it’s little wonder this spot, in what seems to be a little hub of progressive cool in the Blue Mountains (let’s not forget we’ve been here already this year), presents today as stunning option for Modernist minded folk. Quite simply this is Australian Mid-Century joy on a platter; all the hard work done and ready to roll and as such we have no doubt it’s gonna receive inquiries from a flurry of interested and deserving parties.