Athleisurewear as once seen in rumpus rooms, patios and bars across the nation (The Sun newspaper, Sept. 29th 1983)

Conjurer and ferryman to Australian suburbia of the 60s, 70s and 80s, Tim Ross has recently released a new book on the very subject and is now travelling the countryside with tall tales to accompany it. Although late to the party, we’d like to remind you there is one such show coming up in Melbourne this Monday night, with additional special guest star Lucy ‘Design Files’ Feagins. We suggest you get on down to Northcote town and if you cannot then at perhaps buy the book and float away on a tide of childhood ratbaggery and long gone places revisited, which in our estimation may include but not be limited to; dinged ping-pong paddles, boardgames (we’d put our money on Mastermind, Test Match and Uno), murder in the dark, backyard cricket, Malvern Star bikes, Pong, trampoline injuries, pool ponies, stripey carpet*, EON FM, scuffed lino, bbq snags with coleslaw, swap cards, Wizz Fizz, Chicko Rolls, Adidas Romes, young parents holding banquet parties and children completely unsupervised for days on end. Oh what a time it was to be alive.

*you know the kind – the short loop pile carpet with a different stripe of colour per row – if anyone can name that for us, we be most grateful.