Three seperate emails we’ve received in the last month, have filled our hearts with kind words and the good news that yet more homes, two in greater Hobart and one in the Blue Mountains, have fallen into the right hands. David and David (not related) have both swooped in as buyers, the first David snapping up a little brown bargain in Lindisfarne we listed a while back and the second David, although a Brisbane based designer, is in the middle of cleaning up and reviving one of our absolute favs of recent years in Sandy Bay, which very easily could have not made it through. He is even seeing through unrealised plans;

“Built in 1963 as you can see it features a curved wall , with nifty square Iron framed windows that also occur in other parts of the house. Retains its original bathroom and kitchen which features sold hardwood and ply with hand cut dovetail drawers. ……..Owner must have run out of funds because although it has a large sliding door to connect with a deck, the deck was never built. Its happening now. I have designed a hand rail which I am hoping will suit this well…….Plenty else to do like patios a new carport , the garden, etc. It had a crazy paving path made of sandstone as you can see but this has deteriorated and will be replaced…….”

For some wonderful postscript, work-in-progress images see below.


As for the Blue Mountains, Pip has written to let us know that the humble home of breathtaking alpine environs we wistfully admired round Easter, looks safe and whatsmore has created a wonderful legacy for the now departed owner;

“We’ve accepted an offer for the house – apparently the new owners just love it as it is which is terrific. The two adjacent blocks have been bought by developers I think but at least the house will stay. The sale prices were high…..but it’s a deceased estate and all proceeds are split between the NSW Art Gallery and the National Art Gallery of Bulgaria.”

Bravo and high fives all round this beautiful country, Modernist friends.